Bridgers News · It’s time to get ready for the winter sports season!

As the fall season wraps up, it is time to turn to winter sports.  The 7th/8th girls basketball teams are already lighting up the scoreboard at the middle school.  Soon, the senior high teams and the 7th/8th grade boys will get back on the court as well.  Hockey season is underway and the wrestlers are eager to get back on the mat.  The 7th/8th girls volleyball squad will begin play in January.

To join your team, you will need to complete a physical if you did not have one for a fall sport or if you have not had one since 5/31/19.  If you look under MORE on the website, you will find the link to the forms that you will need to complete and return to the athletic trainers.  If you missed the physicals at the high school over the summer, you will need to make arrangements with your own healthcare professional.  Please contact the athletic office if you have any questions about options on where to go for affordable care.