Athletic Trainers Information

Athletic Training Information:

Ambridge Area School District is pleased to partner with UPMC Sports Medicine for the comprehensive Athletic Trainer coverage for District sponsored athletic teams.


UPMC Contracted Athletic Trainers

Amanda M. Miller, MS, LAT, ATC

Schools Covered: Senior High School

Education:  B.S. Athletic Training, Clarion University | M.S. Sports Psychology, California University of Pennsylvania


UPMC Email:

Office Phone: (724) 266-2833  x2283

Amanda Miller has been at Ambridge Area School District since 2008. She attended Clarion University as an undergrad and received a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine, Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Associates of Allied Health degrees. She then went on to attend St. Vincent College for grad school and received a Master’s of Science in Sports Psychology degree from California University of PA online.  Along with being Ambridge’s High School Athletic Trainer, she is also a Team Leader within UPMC and oversees 10 employees at 5 different schools.  She and her husband, Eric, reside locally with their son, Christian and daughter Emma.


Angela L. Fogel, MS, LAT, ATC

Schools Covered: Middle School, Senior High School

Education:  B.S. Education, California University of Pennsylvania | M.S. Athletic Training, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Ambridge Email:


Office Phone: (724) 266-2833  x2283

Ang has been at Ambridge Area School District since 2015. She earned her Bachelors of Science from California University of PA in 2011. Then went on to earn her Master’s of Science in Athletic Training from Bloomsburg University of PA in 2014. Along with being Ambridge’s middle school and assistant high school athletic trainer. Ang is apart of the Pre-Hospital Care Committee with UPMC Sports Medicine currently helping educate staff, local EMS, and college students on emergency protocols.​


Important information regarding 2020-2021 sports physicals:

PIAA rules state that physicals must be performed ON or AFTER June 1, 2020. Therefore, NO physicals done before June 1, 2020 can be accepted.

All forms must be completed and signed by a parent or guardian.  A completed physical packet must be turned in to the athletic office or athletic trainer before athletes can participate or try out for upcoming sports seasons. See deadlines below.

High School Deadlines:

Football Heat Acclimatization – August 10, 2020

Fall Sports – August 17, 2020

Winter Sports – November 20, 2020

Spring Sports- March 8 2021

Middle School Deadlines:

Football- August 24, 2020

Boys/Girls Soccer- August 17, 2020

Cross Country- August 17, 2020

Girls basketball – October 12, 2020

Boys Basketball- December 1, 2020

Girls Volleyball- February 1, 2021

Boys Volleyball- March 8 2021

Track- March 8 2021

Baseball- March 8 2021

Softball-March 8 2021


Physical Information Packet for the 2020-2021 school year are under the Forms tab. They are also in the main office for a paper copy.

Private physicals MUST be on the sports physical form to be accepted. The district CANNOT accept a one-page form from the doctor. The ENTIRE physical packet must be turned in to the athletic office or athletic trainers to be accepted.

With questions, please contact the athletic trainers at or  (724) 266-2833 x2283.

-ATHLETIC TRAINING ROOM HOURS: The Athletic Trainer is available Mon-Fri from 2:30 pm until the end of activities held at the school. Saturday hours start 1/2 hour before the beginning of practice. Saturday times vary from season-to-season. It is the athlete’s responsibility to report to the athletic training room early enough to complete all necessary rehab prior to the start of practices and games.

-SERVICE AND FACILITIES: The Ambridge Area School District has two contracted Athletic Trainers through UPMC Sports Medicine. These health care professionals, having obtained a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from an accredited college or university, are certified athletic trainers through the Board of Certification and members of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association. They work under the direction of our team physicians, Dr. Michael McClincy of UPMC Sports Medicine, to provide our student athletes with the prevention, evaluation, and treatment of sports-related injuries. While the primary athletic training facilities are located at the senior high school and middle school, we provide coverage for all school sponsored athletic practices and events for grades 7-12. The athletic training facilities are located in the basement of the high school behind the weight room, the first floor of Fieldhouse in the boy’s locker room, and in the gymnasium at the middle school.


UPMC Sports Medicine offers a complete range of services focusing on preventing and treating injury and illnesses, and helping athletics — young or old, professional or amateur — reach their peak performance. These services include imaging, athletic training, sports performance, concussion services, ACL prevention programs, sports nutrition, mental training, sports massage, and cycling performance. Below is contact information for these services. For more information regarding UPMC sports medicine, please visit their website at

Concussion services:412-432-3681

Baseline testing:1-855-937-7678

Cycling performance:412-432-3770

Sports massage: 412–432-3700

Sports nutrition:412-432-3674

Sports performance:412-432-3700


Concussions Facts and Statistics

Concussions are complex injuries with a wide range of outcomes.

Because every case is different, there is no simple timetable for recovery. Some people recover in days, others require weeks or months and some may endure long-term effects.

Learn more about concussion symptoms and risks.

All Concussions Are Serious

Any level of a concussion can be a serious medical issue that requires prompt care by a health professional trained in managing concussions.

To avoid repeat injury, it’s crucial to manage concussions until complete recovery.

The team at the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program is available to assess, manage, and treat concussions in athletes and nonathletes of all ages.

Call 412-432-3681 to schedule an appointment with one of our concussion experts.

Concussions Statistics

According to the statistics collected by the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program, concussions that occur in student athletes are common and should always be assessed by a medical professional.

  • Between 1.7 and 3 million sports- and recreation-related concussions happen each year. Around 300,000 are football-related.
  • 5 of 10 concussions go unreported or undetected.
  • 2 in 10 high-school athletes who play contact sports — including soccer and lacrosse — will suffer a concussion this year.
  • Girls’ soccer sees the second-most concussions of all high school sports. Girls’ basketball sees the third most.
  • The UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program sees more than 17,000 patients each year:
    • 30 percent are from outside the state of Pennsylvania.
    • About 70 percent are high school-aged.There is a program with UPMC Heads Up that you will be able to register with Heads Up and go to the one of 6 locations and take the baseline. We can then get your athletes baseline test into our system.  Please let the Athletic Trainers know if your child participated in Heads Up over the summer.  More information on Heads Up to follow.At Ambridge Area High School, we take concussion management very seriously and have some of the best resources available to ensure the highest level of comprehensive care for our student-athletes who have sustained a concussion. Please visit the ImPACT Testing website for more information on the test, FAQ’s, concessions (including recovery and post-concussion syndrome), and current research.

Locations for Concussion Doctors at UPMC

UPMC Rooney Sports Complex

3200 South Water St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15203


UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex

8000 Cranberry Springs Drive

Cranberry Township, PA 16066


Children’s Pine Center

11279 Perry Hwy,

Wexford, PA 15090


With questions, please contact the athletic trainers at or  (724) 266-2833 x2283

Concussion and ImPACT Baseline Information

ImPACT is a computerized test that assesses neurocognitive function. We use this system as a tool when at athlete sustains a concussion by comparing their post-injury performance to their baseline test. Although it is not a substitute for clinical evaluation and physician recommendations, it is very useful in providing us with additional information on athletes’ neurocognitive function and any deficits that may be a result of concussion. The neuropsychologists who developed this testing are consulted on every case for interpretation of test results.

In addition to a pre-season physical exam, student athletes in grades 7, 9, and 11, or those who are in grades 8, 10, or 12, and have not taken a baseline the previous year, are required to take a baseline ImPACT. (Club Hockey is not eligible to take the baseline at Ambridge. They need to sign up with Heads Up). Baseline testing is done at AAHS under the supervision of the athletic training staff during the first week of their season.

To schedule an appointment with one of our concussion experts, call 412-432-3681. Always mention you are a UPMC Contracted School to get immediate appointments.